About Us


VTR Feeder Solutions was established in 1995 as a single man operation founded on the premise of creating reliable, efficient parts feeding solutions. Now, just over two decades later, we are an industry leader in the North American automation field, and our products help successful businesses around the world. This rapid growth is the result of the adherence to our original founding principles: innovative designs, vigorous internal standards, and process accountability.

At VTR, we make continuous improvement a priority. With the constant evolution of the automation industry, we have kept pace with the steady demands of our hundreds of clients by reinventing ourselves time and time again and adding to our process to ensure all of our products are cutting edge. We are a design-oriented company with a full complement 3D Solidworks design studio, and our project management plan, with weekly progress reports, keeps customers involved throughout every phase of the project. The VTR Feeder Solutions team starts with a solid plan that is then executed and managed to the end solution, leaving nothing to surprise.



It takes more than nuts and bolts to make a machine work. We believe that, together as a team, we are greater than anyone of us as individuals ever can be. With this positive attitude and commitment to fully designed solutions, projects typically run smoothly. However, if challenges arise we have the knowledge capability to work through issues to provide our customers with the required solution.



Our people redefine “impossible.” To us it is a dare, to challenge what is achievable, to create what others cannot, and to reinvent ourselves along the way. While others are struggling to think outside the box, we design it, build it, and ship it. When others give up and say it cannot be done, we simply say, what is impossible.