Step Feeder Units

As the demands of industry are constantly changing, VTR is using its ingenuity to constantly evolve and provide our customers with better, more practical and innovative products.

The Step Feeder Unit has been a functional component of assembly automation in Europe for quite some time now and recent developments in the last decade have made them readily accessible in North America. VTR has taken the countless years of parts feeding experience and blended it with the new technology to provide a cutting edge feed system.

The step feeder is loaded by a stand-alone singulating hopper. The inline feeder uses an off-set cam-driven system which eliminates the use of electro-magnets altogether. This has helped eliminate the noise that is a by-product of vibratory parts feeding. It is not uncommon to have a step feeder unit running quietly at under 70 dBA while producing a high feed rate. That’s quieter than most people speak!

Cutting Edge Technology

The step feeder unit product line suits a wide range of industries from clean room applications to aggressive automotive environments. Step feeders have the ability to put you application at the cutting edge of technology while gaining a much more ergonomically sound feeding option.

Let VTR show you the capabilities of step feeder technology and provide you with the quiet solution you’re looking for.