Rotary Feeder Bowls

With constantly increasing cycle times, high speed applications and large part feeding, Rotary or Centrifugal Feeder Bowls have become a very high percentage of VTR’s feeder unit output.

Rotary Feeder Bowls are driving by single or dual motor packages and use no vibration whatsoever. They are commonly used to achieve feed rates in excess of 200 parts per minute as high as 600 parts per minute. Rotary Feeders are designed for use in all applications but are most commonly utilized in clean room or packaging situations.

Expertise, Experience, & Innovative Concepts

While Rotary Feeders are not suitable for all parts being fed, VTR has the expertise, experience and innovative concepts to make them one of the most adaptable parts feeding units in the global market today. Commonly using an Elevator Hopper Unit as a pre-feeder and a Conveyor as the Horizontal Feeding Unit, VTR wants to make your high speed idea an automation reality.

VTR offers a wide range of Rotary sizes, Disc formations and exit feeding options to suit most customer needs. Let VTR design, select and custom build your Rotary application to give you the reliable, efficient and eye-catching parts feeding solution you deserve.