Part Escapements Units

While the “staple” components of VTR’s product line are Vibratory Bowl Feeders and Horizontal Feeder Units, the utilization of our 3D Solidworks Design Studio has enabled a wide array of Part Escapements Units to be added to our repertoire. These escapement units are a vital machine tool that completes the feeding unit and makes VTR a true one-stop shop for all your parts feeding needs.

Escapements are designed to singulate any part being fed from the horizontal feeder unit for presentation for your automation or operator. Any escapement unit is custom designed for your specific application. Escapements are wide ranging, from Cross Shuttles to Finger Releases, and suit all applications including Blow Feeding, Placement Spears, Pick and Places as well as Servo Placement. VTR manufactures all the escapements in our facility and maintains complete control of the designs, function and finish.

Experience, Capabilities and Resources

Our capabilities in our part escapements alone has been instrumental in completing projects with very high profile customers worldwide. Most commonly it’s not the price or the delivery that secures a project, it’s the concepts and practical application of our ingenuity. Let VTR decide which escapement application will be right for you. We have the experience, the capabilities and the resources, let us show you how simple VTR can make your automation requirements.