Horizontal Feeder Units

Most commonly referred to as “inline feeders”, these units are integral to any bowl feeding application. Traditionally, these inline feeders were simply used for the purpose of transferring oriented parts from the bowl feeder to the escapement unit. Inline Feeders are comprised of a wide array of possible options such as Vibratory Inline Feeders, Conveyors, Gravity Tracks and Airveyors.

VTR has taken this long standing secondary component and optimized its capabilities. Vibratory Inline Feeders simply deliver parts from one point to another, and we have been able to add poke-yoke tooling and escapement units to make a functional, cost-effective feed system that suits larger bulky parts feeding.

Industry Leading Solutions

VTR has developed a new dimension to the standard Conveyor Unit in addition to providing a traditional Flat Belt Conveyor Unit. We also offer O-Ring Belt Conveyors for problematic parts which require point contact for parts feeding success. Another enhancement VTR has brought to Conveyors is high Speed Conveyor automation, whether it be achieved through trafficking and “in-line” escaping or a single line of feed bowl with a diverter mechanism to generate multiple lines of feed.

Gravity Tracks provide a non-driven means of parts handling most suitable for Stud & Nut feeding. Airveyors offer another dimension as the parts being fed are driven with low pressure, high volume air – this is achieved with an regenerative blower motor.