Storage Hopper Units

Storage Hopper Units are integral to the function of any feeder system. They have the capabilities of taking bulk storage of product and presenting it in a controlled fashion to your specified feeder application, Vibratory Bowl Feeder or Step Feeder.

Hopper Units are designed to suit any application based on application, ergonomics or requested capacity. VTR can take any specifications and custom build a Bulk Storage Unit that will be the best possible solution for your feeding requirements.

VTR supports a very extensive product line utilizing cutting edge components in all fields of hopper units. VTR custom builds to any capacity and any application Elevating or Vibrating. Let VTR design the Hopper Unit that best suits you.


Step Feeder Units

As the demands of industry are constantly changing, VTR is using its ingenuity to constantly evolve and provide our customers with better, more practical and innovative products.

The Step Feeder Unit has been a functional component of assembly automation in Europe for quite some time now and recent developments in the last decade have made them readily accessible in North America. VTR has taken the countless years of parts feeding experience and blended it with the new technology to provide a cutting edge feed system.

The step feeder is loaded by a stand-alone singulating hopper. The inline feeder uses an off-set cam-driven system which eliminates the use of electro-magnets altogether. This has helped eliminate the noise that is a by-product of vibratory parts feeding. It is not uncommon to have a step feeder unit running quietly at under 70 dBA while producing a high feed rate. That’s quieter than most people speak!

Cutting Edge Technology

The step feeder unit product line suits a wide range of industries from clean room applications to aggressive automotive environments. Step feeders have the ability to put you application at the cutting edge of technology while gaining a much more ergonomically sound feeding option.

Let VTR show you the capabilities of step feeder technology and provide you with the quiet solution you’re looking for.


Rotary Feeder Bowls

With constantly increasing cycle times, high speed applications and large part feeding, Rotary or Centrifugal Feeder Bowls have become a very high percentage of VTR’s feeder unit output.

Rotary Feeder Bowls are driving by single or dual motor packages and use no vibration whatsoever. They are commonly used to achieve feed rates in excess of 200 parts per minute as high as 600 parts per minute. Rotary Feeders are designed for use in all applications but are most commonly utilized in clean room or packaging situations.

Expertise, Experience, & Innovative Concepts

While Rotary Feeders are not suitable for all parts being fed, VTR has the expertise, experience and innovative concepts to make them one of the most adaptable parts feeding units in the global market today. Commonly using an Elevator Hopper Unit as a pre-feeder and a Conveyor as the Horizontal Feeding Unit, VTR wants to make your high speed idea an automation reality.

VTR offers a wide range of Rotary sizes, Disc formations and exit feeding options to suit most customer needs. Let VTR design, select and custom build your Rotary application to give you the reliable, efficient and eye-catching parts feeding solution you deserve.


Part Escapements Units

While the “staple” components of VTR’s product line are Vibratory Bowl Feeders and Horizontal Feeder Units, the utilization of our 3D Solidworks Design Studio has enabled a wide array of Part Escapements Units to be added to our repertoire. These escapement units are a vital machine tool that completes the feeding unit and makes VTR a true one-stop shop for all your parts feeding needs.

Escapements are designed to singulate any part being fed from the horizontal feeder unit for presentation for your automation or operator. Any escapement unit is custom designed for your specific application. Escapements are wide ranging, from Cross Shuttles to Finger Releases, and suit all applications including Blow Feeding, Placement Spears, Pick and Places as well as Servo Placement. VTR manufactures all the escapements in our facility and maintains complete control of the designs, function and finish.

Experience, Capabilities and Resources

Our capabilities in our part escapements alone has been instrumental in completing projects with very high profile customers worldwide. Most commonly it’s not the price or the delivery that secures a project, it’s the concepts and practical application of our ingenuity. Let VTR decide which escapement application will be right for you. We have the experience, the capabilities and the resources, let us show you how simple VTR can make your automation requirements.


Horizontal Feeder Units

Most commonly referred to as “inline feeders”, these units are integral to any bowl feeding application. Traditionally, these inline feeders were simply used for the purpose of transferring oriented parts from the bowl feeder to the escapement unit. Inline Feeders are comprised of a wide array of possible options such as Vibratory Inline Feeders, Conveyors, Gravity Tracks and Airveyors.

VTR has taken this long standing secondary component and optimized its capabilities. Vibratory Inline Feeders simply deliver parts from one point to another, and we have been able to add poke-yoke tooling and escapement units to make a functional, cost-effective feed system that suits larger bulky parts feeding.

Industry Leading Solutions

VTR has developed a new dimension to the standard Conveyor Unit in addition to providing a traditional Flat Belt Conveyor Unit. We also offer O-Ring Belt Conveyors for problematic parts which require point contact for parts feeding success. Another enhancement VTR has brought to Conveyors is high Speed Conveyor automation, whether it be achieved through trafficking and “in-line” escaping or a single line of feed bowl with a diverter mechanism to generate multiple lines of feed.

Gravity Tracks provide a non-driven means of parts handling most suitable for Stud & Nut feeding. Airveyors offer another dimension as the parts being fed are driven with low pressure, high volume air – this is achieved with an regenerative blower motor.


Vibratory Feeder Bowls

Vibratory Feeder Bowls commonly referred to, as “Bowl Feeders” have long been a staple in the worldwide industry. With the increased demand of “just in time delivery”, stringent downtime guidelines and faster required cycle times, bowl feeders have become a critical machine tool for many automated processes. Those factors also contribute to picking the right bowl feeder supplier. VTR uses it’s collective years of industry leading experience, intuitive concepts and 3D Design to make sure any VTR Bowl Feeder provides the customer with years of efficient, reliable service.

Don’t make the mistake of forfeiting quality, service and reliability for the sake of a bottom line or a company promising what they can’t deliver. VTR has a large library of previous projects that are serving satisfied customers globally. Take the guesswork out of suiting you requirements. Contact VTR Inc. to find the right feeder bowl for you application.