Our Services

Downtime, lack of repeatability, and poor equipment effectiveness are all factors that can be the difference between a company’s success and its failure. Being able to count on a partner to help you through all these potential problems can empower you with the competitive advantage to keep moving forward.


VTR’s wealth of knowledge and professional support is the first impression of many when trying to establish a trusted feeder supplier for successful future ventures. Whether it’s a system rework, equipment support, or preventative maintenance, we offer on-site assessments of your mechanical needs prior to work being completed, to ensure the proper support is made available at all times.

Mechanical Design – With a full in-house design team we manage the project from start to finish. Each system is carefully laid out with our 3D Solidworks Design Studio and a model is provided to the customer for approval. This stage lays the foundation for the remainder of the project and confirms that all of the customer’s requirements are being met.

Project Management – Each project is handled on an individual basis by our project management team and with the use of Microsoft Project. Weekly progress reports are provided so that customers are involved throughout every phase and nothing is left to surprise.

Assembly – Once the system is designed and machined, all of the pieces are sent to our assembly team. Here the concept for feed rate and orientation is made a reality. Quality control is a top priority and each part type is tested exhaustively to ensure optimal feeding capabilities.

Service – Even after the system ships, we are available to you 24/7. Whether it is shipping replacement parts, designing a retrofit, or scheduling a service technician, VTR works to provide quick turnarounds and complete solutions. We understand the importance of maintaining production schedules and treat every customer as top priority.