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As industry demands are constantly changing, VTR is using its ingenuity to continually evolve and provide our customers with better, more practical, and innovative products. From traditional hand-crafted bowl feeders to linear feeders to vision-guided robotic flex feeders, we provide an endless array of possibilities. These can be used individually or combined with our stand alone options to provide the complete solution you are looking for.

Don’t make the mistake of forfeiting quality, service, and reliability for the sake of a bottom line or a company promising what they can’t deliver. VTR has a large library of previous projects that are serving satisfied customers globally. Take the guesswork out of meeting your requirements; contact VTR Inc. to find the right feeding solution for your application.

We have the experience, the capabilities, and the resources – let us show you how simple VTR can make your automation requirements.

Traditional Technology

Artisan Bowls

Cascade Bowls

Cascade Feeder Bowls are able to generate feed rate without having to manipulate the part. Utilized for parts with simple geometry.

Centrifugal Bowls

Centrifugal Feeder Bowls are driven by single or dual motor packages and use no vibration whatsoever. They are commonly used to achieve feed rates in excess of 200 parts per minute, and some even as high as 600 parts per minute. Centrifugal bowls are designed for use in all applications but are most commonly utilized in clean room or packaging situations.

Conical Bowls

Conical Feeder Bowls are typically used for pharmaceutical applications due to their open access for cleaning. They provide greater part manipulation than a cascade, but not as much as a straight wall.

Straight Wall Bowls

Hand-Crafted Vibratory Feeder Bowls, commonly referred to as “Bowl Feeders” are a staple in worldwide industries. With the increased demand of “just-in-time delivery”, stringent downtime guidelines, and faster required cycle times, bowl feeders have become a critical machine tool for many automated processes.

Drum Feeders

Drum Feeders are an alternative feeding option based on customer requirements and part dimension. A drum rotates to lift, separate, and load parts to a vibratory track.

Innovative Technology

CNC Machined Bowls

Machined Feeder Bowls remove the variability of the hand-crafted feeder bowls as they are 100% designed and machined on in-house CNC machines. These units are an excellent option if material accountability and exact repeatability are important requirements for your needs.

Conveyor-Based Orienting Feeders

Conveyor-Based Orienting Feeders combine storage and orienting capabilities in one unit. They are typically utilized to move larger parts with a simple geometry.

Linear Feeders

Linear Feeders take the concept of vibratory feeding technology into a straight line. These units are designed and machined with attributes of repeatability and tend to take up a smaller footprint in your facility. Unique part requirements with multiple variations are easily handled. They are generally more cost effective when multiple lines of feed are required and can be machined in many different materials to match the unique needs of your product.

Step Feeders

Step Feeders are utilized when some pre-orientation of the part is requested. These units tend to have lower load height requirements and are gentle on the product that is being fed into the feeder system.

Vision-Guided Robotic Feeders

Vision-Guided Robotic Flex Feeders are normally used when numerous part types or variations need to be fed in one system or the parts do not lend themselves to traditional feeding methods. We are capable of orienting the parts prior to the vision in order to increase the amount of pickable pieces. Due to our vast knowledge in robotic flex-feeding systems we can work with our customers to design and build your own robotic systems or take care of the full vision-guided system for you.

Stand-Alone Items

Accumulation Tables

Accumulation Tables are beneficial when you are supporting two cells that have a different feed rate. Their horizontal surface provides a large storage area for parts.

Blow Feed Delivery Systems

Blow Feed Delivery Systems are available in single and multiple lines of feed. Custom made for each part, they maintain orientation over a defined distance by blowing the part through tubing and presenting it to the next station.

Controls Packages

Controls Packages are offered in a wide range of options to meet the customer’s needs. We have a complete electrical department able to provide a basic terminal strip package, a fully integrated PLC standalone controls package, and anything in between.


High Speed Conveyors

High Speed Conveyors move parts from the bowl at an accelerated rate to provide a metered presentation to the inline.

Pick Conveyors

Pick Conveyors move oriented parts into a defined field of view. The parts are recognized by a camera, picked, and moved to the next machining center.

Return Conveyors

Return Conveyors run in a continuous loop to bring unused parts back into the feeding system.

Drive Units

Drive Units come in a wide variety of sizes and can be square or round. They apply vibration to the bowl, inline, hopper, or any other component they are installed on which gives parts their forward motion.


Escapements are designed to singulate any part being fed from the horizontal feeder unit for presentation to your automation or operator. We offer a wide range of customizable units, from Cross Shuttles to Finger Releases, and suit all applications including Blow Feeding, Placement Spears, Pick and Places as well as Servo Placement. VTR manufactures all the escapements in-house and maintains complete control of the design, function, and finish.

Gauge Rolls

Gauge Rolls are typically used to hang and orient cylindrical parts coming from a bowl feeder and to move them away at an accelerated rate.


Belt Hoppers

Inclined Belt Hoppers are utilized with parts that are easily marked or are delicate in nature. The inclined belt hopper minimizes part on part contact by pulling parts from the inclined side of the hopper.

Elevator Hoppers

Elevator Hoppers are utilized when customers have a large quantity of parts that need to be fed into the feeder system. These units tend to have lower load height requirements and have a large storage capacity.

Storage Hoppers

Storage Hopper Units are integral to the function of any feeder system. They have the capability of taking bulk storage of product and presenting it in a controlled fashion to your specified feeder application.

Servo Index Dials

Servo Index Dials move parts radially to present to another stage of processing. They can be used for a variety of part sizes and orientation requirements.

Servo ‎Linear Actuators

Servo Linear Actuators provide a high level of accuracy, speed, and repeatability in part positioning.

Sound Enclosures

Sound Enclosures are built around the system to reduce the noise of the parts feeding.


Spirals use vibration to transfer parts from one point up to a higher elevation. Typically used for smaller parts, they don’t require a lot of surface area and work well when a small footprint is needed.

Spear Assemblies

Spear Assemblies deliver oriented parts to a remote welding station. They provide accuracy in part transfer and prevent the system from being contaminated.

Welded Support Structures

Welded Support Structures are tailored to accommodate the weight, dimensions, and support requirements of each feeder cell. Depending on the application, we provide either a full frame or a support plate.